Why doesn’t Mcdonald’s deliver burgers?

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Ever had a craving for McDonald’s at 3am?

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McDonald’s was founded in 1948 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Originally setup as a hamburger stand they quickly realized the need for ‘production-line’ style service. Ray Kroc a salesman who sold milkshake machines noticed that the Mcdonald’s partners were selling a lot of shakes and cleverly realized the potential of the business which he acquired for a fraction of it’s value.
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McDonald’s is now in 119 countries and serves over 68 million people a day – that’s 1% of the world’s poulation, eating Mcdonalds products every single day.

But why has the business never attempted to let you order takeout and have it delivered? Well the truth is they have. Mcdonald’s does deliver in New York and in South Africa, but they have found that the delivery model is not profitable for them. With such low profit margins and a need for high throughput on sales, delivery is just not profitable. There are those who argue that Mcdonald’s food delivered is just not that good too. Does a burger taste bad after 34 minutes with a delivery driver? We don’t think so, and you can order McDonalds Vancouver right now from Midnight feast.

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The longest operating McDonald’s restaurant is in Downey, California. It was the third McDonald’s restaurant and it opened on August 18, 1953, you can still order McDonalds there today.


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